(Serves 4)

20 prawns 

1 brown onion

2 cloves garlic

1 red chilli

1 knob ginger

2 tbls olive oil

20gm butter

8 roma tomatoes

1 tbls turmeric

1 tbls ground coriander

1 tbls ground cumin

1 tsp chilli powder

6 curry leaves

2 tins coconut milk or cream

Rice to serve


1. Finely dice the onion, garlic, chilli and grate the ginger. Add sautée in a pot with olive oil and butter for about 5 minutes Then add in all the spices and the curry leaves. 

2. Dice the tomatoes and add to the pot along with the coconut cream. Simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes, and remove the lid and cook on a low heat for an hour. Season to taste. 

3. 10 minutes before you are about to serve, add in the veggies and the prawns as you don't want to overcook these. 

Serve with rice and enjoy!